Childbirth –A Rite of Passage

Bringing your baby into this world

The birth of your baby is one of the most exciting and magical moments in you and your family's life. All of the waiting and wondering what your baby will look like, what noises and expressions they will make is all of a sudden there before your eyes. It is a moment when time simply stands still. Your nurse midwife will encourage and support you so that you can embrace and enjoy this moment. Your partner and family are invited, with your permission of course, to participate in this process and to welcome the newest member of your family. The nurse-midwives at Women's Circle realize that your huge efforts and accomplishment in bringing your baby into this world are testimony to the fact that you can absolutely accomplish anything you put your mind to. Childbirth is one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman's life and can be an amazing tool to draw strength from to help you achieve your goals and dreams in the rest of your life. 


Natural Child Birth

At Women's Circle, the nurse -midwives are here to honor and value you and your choices. Some women prefer a natural child-birth, that is laboring without drugs or an epidural. For women who prefer to avoid any drugs, we applaud and appreciate your efforts and will help you to achieve this goal. There are many tools to help you with this: Lamaze or some type of childbirth education classes are very helpful as you want to be prepared for dealing with the contractions of labor. Women's Circle offers classes to help you meet your needs with learning ways to cope without drugs in labor. At your prenatal visits, we will discuss your upcoming birth and birth plan which will help you feel less anxious going into labor. The less anxiety and fear you have about the process the less pain you will feel. Time during your prenatal visits is devoted to talking about your birth plan and how to cope with labor and what labor is like to reduce your fear and anxiety, making it easier for you when labor starts. In addition, when you are at the hospital the nurse midwife and nursing staff will work with you to find different positions to help you feel most comfortable, walking if you are in early labor, and using the shower which helps soothe and relax you in labor and lessen your discomfort. Your goal of natural childbirth is something we want to help you with and feel just as pregnancy is a normal part of life so is giving birth, very special to be sure, but very normal and natural as well.


The nurse- midwives at Women's Circle recognize that all women are unique and have their own individual preferences. We are here to support you and your family with what is right and good for you. Some women prefer to use IV medications or an epidural in labor and we fully support your choice in doing so. IV medications can help you relax with your contractions and sometimes ease the discomfort of labor enough to bring you to the point where you are ready to have your baby. An epidural can also be a great help when a mother is exhausted or unable to relax or cope with labor contractions. Since labor and birth are natural processes, it stands to reason that any interference with medications can sometimes have undesirable effects on this process. The nurse-midwives at Women's Circle are committed to providing you with accurate information to help you make well- informed decisions when it comes to childbirth and medications.