Holstic Midwifery Model of Care

Your care at Women's Circle addresses you as a whole person

The midwifes will honor and support your individual physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We want to honor your journey as a woman no matter what stage or life you are in and help you be as healthy and well as possible. The midwife always takes the time to listen with her heart and her mind to give you the best care. 

During pregnancy, you will form a close bond with your midwife and get to know her and she will get to know you. The midwife is there to support and keep you healthy on all levels. In the realm of physical, you will receive preventative care during your pregnancy and other times that is aimed at preventing problems and disease. In the event that you have any medical complications during pregnancy or other times, you will be referred to a supportive obstetrician/gynecologist or your care will be co-managed by the midwife and obstetrician team. In cases where you need medications, only the safest will be prescribed, especially during pregnancy. The midwife is very knowledgeable about ways to take care of minor problems using nutrition and homeopathy which are both safe and effective and can help avoid medications in many cases. 

Your midwife wants to make sure you are feeling well on an emotional level as well and takes the time to listen and offer advice that may help you deal with difficult life issues you are facing. The midwife is very knowledgeable about people and resources in the area that can help you when you are going through a difficult time and will do all she can to help you feel stable and empowered as a woman.

On a spiritual level, the midwife recognizes that we are all spiritual beings and that it is helpful to nurture this vital part of ourselves whether it is through a church community, meditation, yoga, or just being conscious of your spiritual nature. Being pregnant and being a woman is part of our spiritual journey and realizing this connects us to our true nature which is rooted in light and love.

In all aspects of the care you receive at Women's Circle your wider connection to friends and family is nurtured and supported to the extent that these relationships are positive and helpful. During pregnancy, the midwife will help you as a couple prepare for the challenges of parenthood by helping you work with your strengths and weaknesses and help you grow into your new roles as parents. The midwife works with you and your partner towards realizing your very best individual and combined potential.