Innovative Birth Control Options

New and Innovative Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options For You

Women's Circle can help you find the right method of birth control to fit your needs and lifestyle. The nurse-midwives at Women's Circle want to support and help you to have a planned and desired pregnancy. Whether you have just had a baby or have never had a baby the nurse-midwives at Women's Circle are committed to helping you find a method that you feel happy and secure with. Women's Circle offers a broad range of all the latest methods of both hormonal and non-hormonal approaches and a personalized consultation with the nurse-midwife will help you find a method that works for you.

When thinking about birth control it is important to think about your life style and schedule. Some women feel confident about their ability to remember to take a pill everyday while others cannot handle one more thing to remember on a daily basis. Besides the birth control pill, of which there are many types and brands, there are other methods that you can use on a weekly basis like the Ortho Evra Patch. The patch is a low dose hormonal method where you apply a small adhesive clear patch to different areas of your body for three out of four weeks in the month. There is a monthly method called Nuva Ring, or "the Ring", which also is a low dose hormonal method that involves placing a small, plastic ring high in the vagina once a month. Another popular method, is called Depo Provera or "the shot", which is an injection that you receive once every three months. It is important to discuss side effects with your nurse midwife so you can make an informed decision and know what to expect after starting a method. In general, it is best to not use a hormonal method of birth control if you are a smoker.

Some longer term methods that are great for couples who want more time in between children or simply don't want to have to worry for several years about getting pregnant are the IUD's (Intrauterine Devices). There are two types of IUD's. The IUD is placed in the office and is a simple outpatient procedure that usually takes about ten minutes or so. The Paragard IUD works without hormones and is effective for up to ten years. The Mirena is another type of IUD that is also very popular. It does involve a slow-release of a small amount of hormone over a five year period. In general, the IUD is an excellent method which is extremely effective and allows for worry free birth control that you do not need to do anything on a daily basis to maintain. Both types of IUD's are reversible if you decide you want to get pregnant sooner the device can be removed and you can usually conceive shortly after

There are yet more options for birth control to choose from depending on your needs and lifestyle. For those women desiring a permanent solution to birth control there are some great options. The excellent and skilled obstetricians that we work with can help you with either having your tubes tied (tubal ligation) which involves anesthesia and being admitted to the hospital. There is also a newer system called Essure that can be done at the obstetrician's office with local anesthetic. Some popular non-hormonal methods we can help you with are using condoms, spermicide foam, gel, films as well as a diaphragm fitting.

Your nurse-midwife can provide more information on these and other methods that interest you and help you leave our office feeling relieved and satisfied with your new method of birth control. We realize that effective, and safe birth control is important to the women and families we serve and encourage you to call Women's Circle today and schedule an appointment . You will be given the time and attention you deserve as you and your nurse- midwife decide what the best method is for you!