Low Income Family Planning

Low Income Family Planning services

Birth Control Pill Counseling

Family Planning services allow women to determine when and how many children to have. Being prepared and planning your pregnancy results in better outcomes for you and your baby and keeps you healthier. Women's Circle has a strong commitment to providing family planning services for women of all income levels. We offer a sliding scale for birth control services and consultations. In the near future, Women's Circle will be partnering with Family PACT, a state funded family planning program which covers all the costs for these services for low income women. Services offered include consultation for oral contraceptive pills, Ortho Evra patches, Nuva Ring, Depo Provera injections, diaphram fitting, condoms/films/spermicide gel, Natural family planning (Rhythm method), Intrauterine systems including Paragard and Mirena. We also can provide consultation and referral for tubal ligation (surgical sterilization) and Essure (non-invasive sterilization).