Since 2012 we have been providing compassionate midwifery care to families in the Yuba-Sutter area.

Our Mission

To provide personalized and holistic women's health care. Beginning in pregnancy, your visits with the midwife will honor you as a person and focus on education and prevention to ensure the best possible start for you and your baby. As you begin this important and sacred journey of adding another member to your family we want you to have a healthy, safe, and satisfying experience and invite you to become a part of our "family" at Women's Circle.

During my pregnancy, I chose to use a midwife over an obstetrician because I wanted a more personalized experience. Midwives have been aiding women in delivering babies for centuries. The care I received both prenatal and postnatal from my midwife, Angela Kreider, was exceptional. She was kind, caring, attentive, communicative and knowledgable. Having had two previously unsuccessful pregnancies she took every possible measure to ensure my child arrived happy and healthy. My labor went smoothly without any complications. Thank you Angela for helping me bring my beautiful baby boy into this world!
— Courtney T, Yuba City
When I was pregnant I wanted more one on one care from someone who I could bond with and who would be there when it was time to have the baby. Angela was so patient and kind. She took extra time to counsel and help me with all problems and concerns not only in my life but also with my baby. The day I had my daughter I was in the office for a check-up, and she noticed that I was dilated over a month early. Even though I had to have an emergency C-section, when I woke up Angela was there to check on me and the baby. Her actions and kindness are the reason most of the women in my family insist on midwives, and why I will be seeing Angela at her new practice with any other children I have in the future.
— Samantha R. - Yuba City, CA